The 6AAC, Accra 2020 will feature keynote addresses and very insightful technical sessions on the most current topical issues in the region together with amazing social events to ensure a fulfilling Congress.

Renata De Leers

Renata has more than thirty-five years of exciting and enriching experience as an actuary, of which more than twenty-five years in developing countries.

She works for various stakeholders, from the regulator to the consumer, addressing regulatory, actuarial, operational and educational aspects. Her consultancy is now focusing on implementing international standards and good governance principles crucial for financial sustainability and consumer protection in conventional and Islamic emerging markets.

Since 2009, Renata has been an active volunteer in the development of actuarial skills in low- and middle-income countries through the global actuarial community. She is a member of the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|Be) and serves as Executive Director of Actuaries Without Borders (AWB®), section of the IAA