Planning Your Trip

Some general information about accommodation transportation and visa.


Participants will be responsible for making their own hotel bookings, contacting their hotel of choice directly. Participants are also responsible for the payment of their reservations and/or for the settlement of cancellation/no show fees, as applicable, according to the hotel’s policies.

A comprehensive list of hotels* (with indicative rates) is included below:


The 6AAC Support Team will issue a VISA Support letter to all delegates on completion of the Congress registration process and due payments.

However standard VISA requirement include:

• All visitors preparing to enter the Republic of Ghana are responsible for checking visa requirements and must have a valid passport (at least for six months after the date of departure).

• It is recommended that VISA applications from participants are submitted at least one month before the initiation of travel.

• Applicants from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are exempted from acquiring a visa. However other countries in Africa are also exempted from acquiring a visa. For the full list, kindly visit the following website:

• Documentation of yellow fever vaccination is required in Ghana. All travelers will be required to show an International Certificate of vaccination for yellow fever at the point of entry.


The 6AAC Organizing Committee has arranged for buses to convey delegates from their hotels to the different occasions and their respective locations over the period of the 6AAC. However, this service is only available for delegates whose hotels are located in the following strategic location. These are the:

- Airport enclave hotels

• Marriot Accra Hotel

• Airport View Hotel

• Ibis Style Hotel, Accra

• Holiday Inn Hotel

• Airport West Hotel

• Apartmento Hotel

• African Regent Hotel

• Oak Plaza Hotel

- Osu enclave hotels

• Urbano Hotel

• Roots Apartment Hotel

• Frankies Hotel

• La Villa Boutique Hotel

• Tropical Enclave Hotel

• Suncity Hotel Apartment

- The bus schedule is as follows:

March 18, 2020.
Accra City Tour & Special African Mortality Session Movenpick Hotel
8.30 GMT
March 19, 2020.
Congress Day 1 Delegates’ Hotel
7.30 GMT
Movenpick Hotel
17.30 GMT
March 20, 2020.
Congress Day 2 Delegates’ Hotel
7.30 GMT
Movenpick Hotel
17.15 GMT
March 20, 2020.
Award & Recognition Dinner Delegates’ Hotel
18.45 GMT
Labadi Beach Hotel
21.45 GMT
March 21, 2020.
Cape City Tour Movenpick Hotel
7.45 GMT


Ensure that the hotel you make reservation with is accordingly indicated during registration OR a confirmation of your place of lodging is made latest by March 11, 2020.

This can be done by informing the 6AAC Support Team via the ONLINE CHAT SYSTEM, SKYPE: 6th African Actuarial Congress OR by the

Other Forms of Transportation


Accra has an extensive taxi network and numerous taxi ranks, but most taxis lack a meter system, so price negotiation is required between the passenger and driver Taxis in Ghana are painted in two different colors: the four bumpers are yellow/orange, and the rest of the car is in the color of the operator’s choice.

Metered Transportations System (Uber, Bolts & Yango):

Metered transport systems like Uber, Bolts (Taxify) & Yango has been very vibrant in Ghana over the last 3 years. Whereas the later does not accept card payments for now, payment by mobile money is accepted.

Tro tros and buses:

By far the most common form of transport in Accra are tro tros (motor vehicles re-purposed for passenger transport). Buses are typically mini buses or vans. Tro tros are typically decorated with flags and stickers of various countries or (local and international) soccer teams, and with witty sayings, wisecracks, local proverbs (in English or local languages) or Bible verses printed on the bus’s rear. Tro tros stop at any bus stop or gathering of people and can also be found at truck and taxi stations, such as the Neoplan station.



The warmest of welcomes awaits you in Ghana, home to a vibrant culture, a rich and diverse heritage and the renowned friendliness and hospitality of the locals. Ghana’s dynamic and cosmopolitan capital City Accra will host you, ensuring an experience to remember.

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra.

The 6th African Actuarial Congress (6AAC) will take place at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, located in the heart of Accra City, which is close to a number of notable locations such as the World Trade Centre, the Accra Sports Stadium, the Independence Arch and the Black Star Square.

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra.

There are a number of tourist sites and national monuments within close proximity to the Congress venue and other recommended hotels. Below are some suggestions of places to visit in the city:

• Independence Square

• Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Memorial Park Road

• The Accra Centre for National Culture

• National Theatre

• Mokola Market

• Jamestown

• Osu Castle

• WEB Dubois Memorial Centre

• Labadi Beach

• Artists Alliance Gallery

• And many more others

Accra has an Atlantic beachfront and the most popular of the city’s beaches is Labadi Beach, along with Kokrobite Beach, which is located 25 kilometers (16 miles) west of Accra. The beachfront area also houses the Academy of African Music and Arts.

For further tips for planning your trip please visit the Ghana Tourism Authority website at


The climate of Ghana is tropical, but temperatures vary with season and elevation; even though the variations in temperature both annually and daily are quite small. Average daily temperature is 30⁰C (86⁰F). The coolest time of year is between June and September when the main rainfall occurs, the minimum temperature at this time is around 23⁰C (73⁰C) and clear skies and lush growth to most of the country.


Mobile telephone service providers also provide gateway to Internet using GPRS, 3G and 4G. Cell phone SIM cards are widely available; however, every SIM card user/buyer in Ghana is expected by law to be registered for activation. The SIM card can be registered at the point of purchase. You only need to ensure that your phone is unlocked.

Below are the major mobile phone network operators in Ghana.

• Vodafone Ghana Ltd

• MTN Ghana

• Airtel-Tigo

Medical Emergencies

Medical facilities, both small and large are dotted all over Accra. The Trust Hospital is just 3 minutes’ walk from the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel. The Accra Regional Hospital and the 37 Military Hospital, the 3rd and 4th largest in the country with the most sophisticated equipment can also be found in about 5 and 15 minutes’drive (with or without traffic) respectively. On-site emergency response team will also be available at the Movenpick hotel as a contingency measure.

Security and Other Emergencies Contacts

Ghana is arguably the safest place in Africa. The closest police station is the Greater Accra Regional Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service, about 3 minutes’ drive from the congress venue.

In case of an emergency, please reach out to the following hotlines:

- Police Hotline : 091

- Ambulance : 193

- Fire Service : 192/999

Currency & Accepted Forms of Payment

- The Ghana Cedi is the most used currency in Accra. However, foreign currencies are accepted in certain places. The Dollar (US & Canadian), the Euro, the Pound and some African currencies are also acceptable in certain places.

- ATMs are common in large towns and will accept most cards. Credit cards are accepted at many hotels, guesthouses and some shops, but MasterCard is not widely accepted.

- Travelers’ cheques can be exchanged in large hotels, banks and bureaux de change.

- Mobile money payments is however the most widely accepted cashless form of payment. Moneys can loaded to a SIM card (Vodafone, MTN and Airtel-Tigo) at the mobile network operators’ customer service centers and numerous agency shops or Kiosk spread across the city


Ghana is a multilingual country in which about eighty languages are spoken. Of these, English is the official language and lingua franca.